Kairong Industrial


Base construction

Kairong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. of Hefeng County Kairong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. The company has a total investment of 0.27 billion yuan, covers an area of 90 acres, and has a construction area of 65000 square meters. It is a key investment enterprise in Hefeng County and the largest investment enterprise in Hubei.

In the process of company construction, it has received strong support and help from party committees, governments and departments at all levels, and assisted the construction of Kairong Company from various aspects such as policy support, business environment, and financial support. The government and enterprises are of one mind and work in the same direction, which has strengthened Kairong's sonorous steps. Every step of the development of Kairong Industry is the result of the care and concern of leaders at all levels!

The company's main products are green tea and black tea, and its main markets are the European Union, North Africa, West Africa and Central Asia. Since its establishment, the company has achieved remarkable export earnings, earning US $25.37 million in 2021 and US $26 million in 2022, ranking first in the state and in the forefront of the province. The company will continue to take "Hefeng Tea World Products" as its development concept, always adhere to the road of ecological priority and green development, closely focus on the tea industry development plan of the county party committee and county government, and achieve the "12345" goal at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" (to build a world brand of Hefeng tea, with an annual output value of over 2 billion yuan, an annual export earning of over 0.3 billion US dollars, an annual tax revenue of 40 million yuan and an annual output of over 50000 tons). Build Kairong into an industrial group (five firsts) with the first certified area of organic tea, the first production of tea, the first export of tea, the first tax paid on tea, and the first efficiency of the tea industry in China. For Hefeng to build Wuling Mountain tea distribution center, China's tea export first county boost.