Company Profile

Shengyuan e-commerce is short for Hefeng shengyuan e-commerce co., ltd. Founded on December 11, 2020, with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, it is located in Huaqiao Village, Zhouma Town, Hefeng County, and is formed on the basis of the former Xinnong Group Marketing Company. It is an e-commerce operation company integrating food management; food Internet sales; production, sales, processing, transportation, and storage of agricultural products; purchase of primary agricultural products; sales of agricultural and sideline products; wholesale of edible agricultural products; personal Internet live broadcast services; Internet sales. Around the east wind of "the belt and road initiative" and along the road map depicted by "Wanli Tea Ceremony Tea Source · Hubei Hefeng Tea Merchants Conference", the group aims to "invite tourists in and sell products" and seek more customers and business opportunities for "tea.

In recent years, under the correct leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, and with the strong support of various departments at all levels, Shengyuan e-commerce has taken the export of products as the leading factor, focused on improving product quality, and looked at the world. "Belt and Road Initiative" is connected to "poor households" at one end ". While consolidating the markets in Central Asia, Africa and other regions, we should further go to the world, set up export teams, and open up the market to find customers through e-commerce operations such as "832", "Taobao" and "Jingdong" in accordance with the business model of "2 X" (online radiation of domestic and foreign clients, offline construction of product production camps), products are delivered to consumers in a faster way.