Entering Xinnong

A comprehensive enterprise with the deep integration of tea industry, tourism and Internet agriculture.

Party-mass construction

The general party branch of Xinnong Group in Hefeng County of the Communist Party of China has three party branches: Xinnong Tea Processing Trade, Yuxin Tourism, Kairong Industry and Muer Mountain. The general party branch has always adhered to the concept of "party building leads and strengthens enterprises, and the industry enriches the people and runs for a well-off society", and builds the branch on the industrial chain. Carry forward the spirit of "China's good people", tell the story of vanguard model, train employees into backbone, and train backbone into party members. Strengthen learning to improve the position, with "party building with group building, based on the post to make contributions" as the carrier, to shoulder the initial mission of "for Hefeng tea farmers to seek happiness, for Hefeng tea tourism industry to contribute to the high-quality development. Carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, integrate the party building into the construction of Xinnong culture, take a win-win development road of red party flag and enterprise prosperity, and help rural revitalization.

One is to do a good job of "two-way training" to reserve talents for the development of enterprises. Train outstanding employees in the production line into party members, and then train party members into the "white bone essence" of the group, that is, train outstanding employees into white-collar workers in group management positions, backbone in production positions, and elites in skill operation positions. The group has trained a total of 15 party activists and 9 party members. Some of them have become general managers of the company and become reserve training talents for 123 in Hubei Province. They are party representatives, people's congresses, and CPPCC members at the provincial, state, county, and town levels. Among them, Fu Li also won the Enshi Prefecture Talent Award, and three outstanding employees were admitted to civil servants.

The second is to tell a good example story to help the development of the enterprise. Tell the story of Chinese good people and the story of red inheritance with chairman Zhou Jiran's "dedication and dedication", guide employees to inherit the red spirit, learn from Chinese good people, know Xinnong, and dedicate Xinnong.

The third is to do a good job in the construction of positions and concentrate on the development of enterprises. In order to inherit the national culture, the group highlights the construction of hard positions for activities and soft positions for learning. There is a 1200-square-meter Xinnong Home, which integrates fitness and reading, so that employees and guests can have an activity place for fitness, book reading and visiting and learning. There are cultural publicity boards for gathering wisdom, heart, talent and strength. Red stories such as Guluo Mountain 32 Martyrs, Red Army Tree, Muer Mountain Entrepreneurship and Enriching People Education Base are compiled and bound into scenic spot publicity manuals. Etiquette training and other books are compiled, the Wanli Tea Road Yihongyuan Exhibition Hall and Tea Culture Reception Exhibition Hall were built to increase the soft power of corporate culture, and were rated as the national tea culture inheritance base and green tea production technology inheritance base in Enshi Prefecture.

The fourth is to develop the tea tourism industry and build the branch on the industrial chain. Under the care and care of the higher-level party organization, the group has set up a general party branch, and has set up three party branches of Xinnong Tea Processing Trade, Yuxin Tourism, Kairong Industry and Mu'er Mountain respectively. The party members in the base have clearly identified themselves as "communist party members" and "communist party members tea garden management demonstration garden", giving full play to the leading role of party members in the industrial chain.