Yuxin Tourism


Company Profile

Yuxin Tourism is the abbreviation of Hubei Yuxin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is located in Yanghe Village, zouma town. It is a comprehensive service center integrating tourism reception, health care and vacation, and tea culture promotion. It receives more than 200000 people annually.

The company consists of Xinnongyuan Restaurant (tourist reception center) and Tianyi Travel Agency. Xinnongyuan Restaurant (tourist reception center) with Tujia style architectural features, local Miao customs and rich tea culture features, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with pleasant scenery, adjacent to nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of the market, is a resort for travel, vacation, health and leisure.

It has been rated as "five-star farmhouse entertainment in Hubei Province", "four-star enterprise of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism", "pilot construction unit of national forest health care base", "Enshi state employee (model worker) treatment and cultivation base" and "horse walking tour line" has been selected as the national tea tourism boutique route ".

Xinnongyuan Restaurant (Visitor Reception Center):

Xinnongyuan Restaurant integrates accommodation, catering, conference affairs, leisure and health care services. It has more than 200 ordinary and luxurious single-standard rooms, business, administrative, family suites and other different room types, 30 restaurants and private rooms of different styles, and 9 conference rooms of various specifications. It can accommodate 300 people, eat 500 people and meet 500 people at the same time. The restaurant also has KTV, gym, library, cinema, tea tasting room, shopping supermarket, tea production experience hall (intangible cultural heritage base for green tea production), Yihongyuan (Hefeng section of Wanli Tea Road) exhibition hall and other entertainment, experience and visit places.

Xinnongyuan Restaurant adheres to the service concept of "people-oriented, customer-oriented", provides you with professional services and gives you the enjoyment of being at home.

Tian Yi Travel Agency and Tourism Promotion:

Tianyi Travel Agency adheres to the business philosophy of "ecology-oriented, culture-oriented, guest first, and caring service" to provide tourists with a beautiful travel experience. Find red footprints, view the charm of the tea mountain, travel Xiajiang customs, body Tujia impression ......, let your travel linger.

Tian Yi travel enthusiasm to serve friends from all walks of life to Hefeng, to walk around the horse, to Xinnong guest!