Kairong Industrial


Export foreign exchange earning

Hefeng County Kairong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a key investment attraction enterprise in Hefeng County, established in October 2019, mainly engaged in tea, export trade and other businesses.

The company focuses on building Hefeng organic tea, so that Hefeng tea can go to the world in an all-round way, and let the world understand Hefeng good tea. The company's main brands are "Tea Kingdom" and "Lou Shui Shan Ya". The main markets are the European Union, North Africa and Central Asia. Since its establishment in October 2019, it took only 2 months to earn 2.18 million US dollars from exports. In 2020, it will earn 15.19 million US dollars from exports and 25.3711 million US dollars from exports in 2021, ranking first in Enshi.

Kairong Industry will continue to enhance its own strength, at the same time, actively promote the quality and efficiency of tea farmers, and promote the revitalization of Hefeng countryside.