Entering Xinnong

A comprehensive enterprise with the deep integration of tea industry, tourism and Internet agriculture.

Company Profile

Xinnong Group, founded in 1985, is a comprehensive enterprise with deep integration of tea industry, tourism and Internet agriculture. There are 770 employees with an annual output value of 0.3 billion yuan. The Group has jurisdiction over Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Hefeng County Kairong Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Hubei Yuxin Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hefeng County Tianyi Travel Agency Co., Ltd., and Hefeng County Shengyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Do not forget your initiative mind. Under the leadership of the party committee and government at a higher level, the group firmly establishes the original intention of seeking happiness for tea farmers, with the mission of "being loyal to an industry, dancing a leader, strengthening a brand, and enriching the people. After all the hardships, the 10,000 mu organic tea base of Muer Mountain, which was built by itself, was rated as one of the "30 most beautiful tea gardens in the country" and is the tea source of Wanli tea ceremony. We will create a "161" industrial poverty alleviation model, successively build 40 crude tea processing plants and 2 professional cooperatives in 35 villages and towns in Hefeng Zouma, Wuli and Tielu, build a consortium of leading enterprises, increase farmers' income and become rich, and create a new model for the development of Hubei tea industry. It has become a key national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization.

Innovation. Enshi selenium tea "zouma cuihao" green tea, "rongmeihong" black tea and exported zhenmei green tea, pearl tea and other products produced by the group are national geographical indication protection products. they were awarded the gold medal of "medium tea cup", "China international tea exposition" and "my favorite top ten good tea in Hubei". on behalf of hefeng tea, they were recommended as tea samples for display in China tea exposition. Tourism reception, health care holiday year received more than 200000 people, is the national forest health care base pilot construction unit.

Looking to the future. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the group will promote the development of industrial integration and let more farmers deeply participate in the value chain of the agricultural industry chain. Do a good job in "character, products and enterprise products", promote the high-quality development of the tea industry, realize "one leaf makes one industry, one rich side of the people", consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and promote the revitalization of the countryside.

The group has been rated:

National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization

National "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages" precision poverty alleviation action "advanced private enterprises"

China's tea industry comprehensive strength of the top 100 enterprises

National Science Pratt & Whitney Nongxing Village Advanced Unit

National Forest Recreation Base Pilot Construction Unit

National leisure agriculture and rural tourism four-star enterprises

Provincial Tax Credit Class A Taxpayers

Hubei Province National Unity and Progress Demonstration Enterprise

Hubei Province Communist Party members operating model households