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Company Profile

Xinnong Tea Industry is the abbreviation of Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Located in Huaqiao Village, Zouma Town, it covers an area of 50 mu and has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It was founded in 1985. It has a tea base of 150000 mu that meets the standard of "export tea planting base for record", including 50000 mu of organic tea base. In accordance with the business strategy of "paying equal attention to famous quality and bulk, domestic sales and export sales, online and offline", after nearly 40 years of sincere operation, rolling development, going to the world, creating a new model for the development of Hubei tea industry.

Raw material base: Xinnong company base is located in 30 degrees north latitude gold tea belt of Hefeng County. Soil is rich in selenium, zinc, strontium and other trace elements needed by the human body. The forest coverage rate is 82.63, the forest greening rate is 88.8, and the number of days with good air quality ranks first in Hubei Province, which is the origin of "Yihong tea.

Self-built base: Mu'er Mountain 10,000 Mu Organic Tea Base was built in 1992 by the company to carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the Eighth Route Army's "359 Brigade" to develop Nanniwan. The existing tea garden covers an area of 10700 mu. It was selected as "30 Most Beautiful Tea Gardens in China" in 2015 and won the title of "Top Ten Most Beautiful Tea Gardens in Hubei" in 2020 ". Chen Zongmao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a well-known tea expert at home and abroad, wrote an inscription "Wanli Tea Ceremony Tea Source", which has the reputation of "World Selenium Capital · Chinese Tea Valley.

Responsibility: The company explores the implementation of the "161" industry to enrich the people model, in the base to help the construction of 40 rough tea processing plants, 2 professional cooperatives, group development of 19 large industries. Directly drive 1458 households and 5303 people from poverty in the three townships (towns) of Zouma, Wuli and Tielu to get rid of poverty and become rich, and help 23000 households and 71000 people in Hefeng County to be healthy because of tea. Won the "National 'Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages' Precision Poverty Alleviation Action 'Advanced Private Enterprises '".

Product flavor: "sweet fragrance, mellow flavor".

product category: "ginkgo brand" trademark is a famous trademark in hubei province.

Domestic famous tea are:

1. Enshi selenium tea, "walking ma cuihao" green tea.

He won the gold award of "China Tea Cup", the gold award of "the second China International Tea Expo" and "my favorite top ten good tea in Hubei.

2. confidante, "Rong Mei Hong" black tea.

He won the silver award of "China Tea Cup", the gold award of "Selenium Cup" and "My Favorite Top Ten Good Tea in Hubei.

3, "rare white tea".

tea exports abroad:

1. "Floria (elegant)"

2. "E'raki"

3. "Mame Jara"

4. "Keneya (Kenya)"

Four Zhenmei tea series products are mainly popular in foreign markets.