Kairong Industrial


Company Profile

Hefeng County Kairong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in October 2019 from Yuyao, the hometown of Yangming in the south of the Yangtze River, to Hefeng, the selenium capital of the world, China's tea valley. It is located in Yanghe Village, Zouma Town, Hefeng County. It is a key investment attraction enterprise in Hefeng County and the largest investment enterprise in Zhejiang tea entering Hubei.

Huang Chaxi Base is one of the leading bases of Kairong Company, covering an area of 11000 mu. Kairong Industry takes Huang Chaxi Base as its source, focuses on the tea industry, plays the leading role of leading enterprises, promotes the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, expands the space for industrial value-added and efficiency enhancement through the whole industrial chain, and closely focuses on the strategy of rural revitalization, driving the tea industry in Hefeng and even the whole Wuling Mountain area to develop by leaps and beyond.

The company's leading products are organic tea, the main brands are "Tea Kingdom" and "Lou Shui Shan Ya", and the main markets are the European Union, North Africa and Central Asia. Since its establishment in October 2019, it has achieved export earnings of US $2.18 million in only two months. In 2020, it will achieve export earnings of US $15.19 million and US $25.2844 million in 2021, ranking in the forefront of export earnings in Enshi.

With the support of party committees and governments at all levels, the company invested 0.3 billion yuan to build the "50000-ton tea production and processing and base construction project of Hefeng County Kairong Industrial Development Co., Ltd.", covering an area of 90 acres and a construction area of 65000 square meters. The design capacity is 50000 tons. To achieve the "standardization, intelligence, organic, landscape" and "four modernizations" standards.

The company closely focuses on the development strategy of "based on the big ecology, building big transportation, developing big tourism and building big industry" of Enshi Prefecture Party committee and state government, highlighting the five characteristics of "soil, selenium, tea, cool and green", focusing on the tea industry development plan in the development deployment of "tea, tourism, water, medicine and Ge" of the county Party committee and county government, with the vision of "tea invigorating the people and enriching the people", the mission of "Hefeng tea-world products", and the responsibility of prosperity, we will make Hefeng tea famous in the world for its mellow freshness and fragrance, and achieve the goal of "12345.

1. Create a world brand of Hefeng tea.

2. The annual output value exceeds 2 billion yuan.

3, annual export earnings of more than 0.3 billion U.S. dollars.

4, annual tax paid to tea over 40 million yuan.

5. The annual output is over 50000 tons.

Hefeng will be built into a tea export distribution center in southwest mountainous areas and the first county in China to export tea, driving tens of thousands of farmers in Enshi Prefecture to participate deeply in the value chain of the agricultural industry chain, prospering with tea, increasing income and making contributions to building Enshi into an important pole of the green rise of beautiful Hubei.