Entering Xinnong

A comprehensive enterprise with the deep integration of tea industry, tourism and Internet agriculture.

Enterprise culture

He did not forget his original intention, kept his mission in mind, led farmers to open up wasteland and grow tea, and jointly build villages and enterprises to benefit the people. He created a new model of poverty alleviation in Hubei industry. In the process of enterprise development, he continuously introduced new measures for poverty alleviation in the tea industry. In 1992, he led more than 300 migrant workers to open up wasteland and grow tea in Mu'er Mountain. After years of struggle, he built Mu'er Mountain into the largest ecological tea base in China, known as "the most beautiful tea garden in China". Chen Zongmao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous tea expert at home and abroad, was nominated as "Wanli tea ceremony tea source" by the National Tourism Administration ". In 1996, he creatively put forward the idea of "relocation to help the poor". In three phases, 68 poor households and 338 poor households whose soil and water could not feed one side were relocated to the fungus mountain tea base to manage the tea garden to shake off poverty and become rich, making the fungus mountain tea base a national demonstration base for poverty alleviation through relocation. In 2015, he took the lead in responding to the call of the party and the state to explore and implement the "161" industrial poverty alleviation model of "company processing plants, professional cooperatives, bases, large households, employment, and e-commerce farmers", and actively participated in the "Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Villages" targeted poverty alleviation The action has helped 1458 households and 5303 people in the three townships of Zouma, Tielu and Wuli to increase their income and get rid of poverty, it has played an exemplary and role in promoting the accurate poverty alleviation of 23000 poor households and 71000 people in the county. A relatively perfect industrial poverty alleviation mechanism led by the government and the main force of enterprises has been formed, which has been included in the series of books on the 40th anniversary of Hubei reform and opening up, and has been selected as the "top 50 cases of social poverty alleviation in China". Therefore, the group was rated as "the national 'ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages' precision poverty alleviation action 'advanced private enterprise '".