Tea Culture

Seven things to open the door: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea

Tujia Four Tea

Hefeng is the settlement of Tujia people, in the long course of the development of tea industry, Hefeng people brewed a tea culture-Tujia"Four teas". The four-way tea is made of fine materials, exquisite processes and profound implications. It integrates tea ceremony, tea music, tea song, tea rhyme and tea ceremony. And according to the identity of the guests, relatives and decided which tea to worship.



The first tea-"white disaster tea"
 Kiss heat"White Crane Tea". This tea symbolizes intimacy.There is a well next to the old county seat of Hefeng, called Baihe Well. Tea made with white crane well water is called "white crane tea". King Chuantu once presented Rongmei tea and Baihe well water to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. After drinking it, the emperor praised the tea with high fragrance and mellow taste. From then on, the folk had the saying of "Baihe well water, Rongmei's tea.



The second tea-"bubble tea"
 Sweet Honey"Bubble tea". This tea symbolizes sweetness. This tea is made of glutinous rice bubble rice as the main material, it is specially used to entertain distinguished guests and smack wine. Use it to make tea and entertain guests, intended to entertain rare and expensive guests. Put a bamboo chopsticks on the tea bowl to keep the custom of the Tujia people smacking wine. Buoer tea is sweet and delicious, not only quenching thirst, but also satiating.


The third tea-"oil soup tea"
  Hehe Meimei"Oil Soup Tea".This tea symbolizes beauty. This tea is"Four tea" in the most complex process, the most expensive value of a tea. Not a distinguished guest, do not offer this tea.



The Fourth Tea-"Egg Tea"
Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan"Egg tea". This tea symbolizes reunion. Egg tea is the highest tea ceremony in the "Four Tea", dedicated to the elderly and honored guests. There are rules for eating egg tea. One is to finish eating egg tea to symbolize the happiness and contentedness of life all the year round. The second is to finish eating egg tea, the tea bowl cannot be empty, and how many unlimited red envelopes (also known as thank you money) should be put in the tea bowl to show return to the host.