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Hefeng Xinnongyuan

Yuxin Tourism is the abbreviation of Hubei Yuxin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is located in Zouma Town, Hefeng County, known as "South Window of Southwest Hubei", and is located in the picturesque Yanghe Village under Yanzi Mountain. It owns Xinnongyuan Hotel and Tianyi Travel Agency, which is a comprehensive reception center integrating tea party friends, conference reception, tourism and leisure, culture and entertainment and tea culture research. In recent years, the company has been committed to the integrated development of tea tourism, focusing on creating a leisure corridor of "the world's selenium capital · China Tea Valley", centering on Mu'er Mountain and Xinnongyuan, relying on superior natural ecological resources and standardized tea gardens, turning tea areas into scenic spots and tea gardens into parks, realizing tea mountains into golden mountains, building a natural and harmonious living environment, and building a pastoral complex integrating eco-tourism, leisure and health care and tea culture research, xinnongyuan hotel reception service center, with unique Tujia architectural characteristics, is the largest stilted building complex in villages and towns in the province. It has been rated as "five-star farmhouse entertainment in Hubei Province", "ecological leisure characteristic farmhouse entertainment in the whole province" and "top ten star farmhouse entertainment in Quanzhou", and has been awarded "pilot construction unit of national forest health base" by the Ministry of forestry ". The company has always been "ecological, culture as the soul, guests first, intimate service" as the business philosophy. Warmly serve friends from all walks of life to Hefeng for health preservation, travel around the horse and visit Xinnong.





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