Huping Mountain is located in the northwest of Shimen County, Hunan Province. It is a demarcation mountain between Hunan and Hubei provinces. The altitude is generally more than 2000 meters, and the main peak is as high as 2098.7 meters. It is called the roof of Hunan. The top of Hupin Mountain is high around and low in the middle, shaped like Hukou, hence the name Hupin Mountain. Huping Mountain tourist area is one of the 200 key ecological areas in the world, a national nature reserve and a provincial eco-tourism demonstration area. It is known as the "natural labyrinth" on the "strange circle of the earth" (30 degrees north latitude) and the "Noah's Ark" on the eastern hemisphere"
Climb to the summit, looking at the Three Gorges scenery in the north, the light of Dongting Lake in the south, the ancient wind of Jingsha in the east and Wuling Qifeng in the west. The Zaoshi Reservoir, which is under construction, has five pearls, "Huashan Bird Island Mengquan Lake", "Ancient Temple King Mausoleum Jiashan Temple", "Karst Stone Dragon King Cave", "Mei Po Hot Spring Hot Water Stream" and "Canyon Waterfall Huping Mountain", forming a string of unique natural scenery in Shimen.
Hupingshanqi. The original ecology is strange: Huping Mountain is a "rare gene bank of biological species" in central China, with nearly 6500 species of animals and plants identified. The forest is dense, walking into the primeval forest, covering the sky and the sun, with moss like the sea, ancient vines like dragons, more than 2200 kinds of higher plants, and more than 40 kinds of rare and endangered plants. There are 34 kinds of rare plants under national key protection, especially the original Davidia involucrata community with the lowest elevation area in China. Four kinds of plants, such as Shimen hornbeam, are unique to Huping Mountain on earth, are known as "extras" visitors "and, the highest root is more than 1.2 meters above the ground, which is rare in central China. There are many kinds of rare and endangered animals, and 53 species have been identified. Such as South China tiger, leopard, black bear, macaque, Sumen antelope, golden eagle, red-bellied horned pheasant, short-billed swallows, giant salamander (giant salamander), five-step snake, etc. The ecological tour to Huping Mountain is like entering the realm of immortals.
Hupingshanqi. Gorge: There are 266 peaks above 1000 meters above sea level in Huping Mountain Nature Reserve. The peaks are steep and the green mountains are colorful, which can be described as the kingdom of the mountain. Seven deep streams, including Jinjiahe, Beixi River, Nanping River, Longchi River and Huanghu Port, merge into Lishui's first-class tributary water, clear and green. There are nearly 100 rapids and rapids. The Nanping River is 25000 meters long and has a drop of 1000 meters. Canyon rafting and slalom are refreshing.
Hupingshanqi. Waterfalls are strange: there are dozens of waterfalls in Huping Mountain, spectacular and magical, including "waterfalls", "line waterfalls", "curtain waterfalls", "fog waterfalls" and "spray waterfalls". The spring of Huping Mountain is fragrant and sweet, with shouting springs (rising and falling with people's shouts), milk springs (spring water like milk), fish springs (fish groups spray from the eyes of the spring during thunderstorm), and clear springs for a while muddy water); there are also exotic fish caves, ice caves, wind caves, bat caves, and swiftlet caves (Shenjing Cave) on Huping Mountain. It is pleasing to watch the waterfall and taste the clear spring in Huping Mountain. When Li Bai exiled Yelang and visited Huping Mountain, he left behind the poem "Pot Bottle Flying Waterfall, Peach Blossom Falling at the Cave.
Hupingshanqi. The geological landscape is strange: Huping Mountain has many exposed geological chronological sections. Fossils are extremely rich. In particular, nautilus fossils and trilobite fossils (swallowstone). The swallow stone of Hupingshan is tougher, brighter in hand, brighter in color, clearer and more vivid in design than the swallow stone of Taian, Shandong and Banpo, Shaanxi. Huping Mountain is a geological science park.

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