Notice on Seriously Studying the Spirit of Chairman's Speech at the Group's Work Summary and Commendation Conference in the First Half of 2018


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About Seriously Studying Chairman in GroupFirst half of 2018

Notice of Work Summary and Speech Spirit at Commendation Conference


All companies, departments, aid processing plants, cooperatives and large households:

Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry(Group) Co., Ltd. held a summary meeting for the first half of 2018 on July 6. At the meeting, 34 outstanding managers, outstanding employees, and "161" industry poverty alleviation leaders were commended. Each company summarized the work in the first half of 2018, and deployed the work in the second half of 2018 according to the overall strategy of Xinnong Company and Yuxin Tourism Company in 2018. Combined with the company's work experience and accumulated relevant resources in the first half of 2018, it is hoped that each company will carry forward the spirit of "China's good people" and uphold the working concept of "four good people" according to its own business objectives, with the general manager as the core, we will carry out the activities of "comparing, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing" to form a good atmosphere of "unity and fraternity, helping others, and striving for progress" within the enterprise. The spirit of the chairman's speech at the work summary and commendation meeting of the group in the first half of 2018 is now printed and distributed to you. Please earnestly organize the study and implement it!

This notice!


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Chairman of the GroupSummary of work in the first half of 2018

Speech at the Commendation Conference


On July 6, Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. held a summary meeting for the first half of 2018.

At the half-year work summary meeting, the chairman listened to the summary speeches of Xinnong Tea Industry, Marketing Company and Yuxin Tourism Company on the half-year work and some excellent managers, excellent employees,After the speeches of the "161" industry poverty alleviation leaders and other departments, they pointed out: Xinnong Tea Industry, Marketing Company, and Yuxin Tourism Company summarized the achievements and shortcomings in the first half of the year. For the work in the second half of the year, Xinnong Tea Industry proposed "Four Measures", Marketing Company proposed "Five Measures", and Yuxin Tourism proposed "Six Methods". The three responsible persons should keep in mind the commitments made at the half-year summary meeting and fulfill the commitments in the work in the second half of the year. With the help of the spirit of the meeting, we should conscientiously summarize, carry forward the achievements, find out the problems, overcome the difficulties, and complete the operating targets of each company at the beginning of the year.

The summary speech of the Muershan Cooperative was affirmed, as Liu Baizhi, secretary of the Muershan Party Branch, said in his report."Dare to take responsibility, do not speak of conditions, resolutely serve", can be used as the spirit of Muer Mountain. Twenty-six years ago, many of the old workers present here now fought against heaven and earth and struggled to develop the fungus mountain tea base. Ten thousand mu of barren hills will be built into today's "China's most beautiful tea garden". Along the way, we have witnessed the development of enterprises and their own growth. Under the guidance of the County Tea Bureau and under the leadership of the Party branches of Xinnong Company and Xinnong Company, the Muershan Professional Cooperative and the Muershan Party Branch guide the majority of tea farmers to learn and train the knowledge and technology of tea "global organic" construction. Through the consciousness and efforts of the majority of tea farmers, the tea products produced by Muershan have reached low pesticide residues, and the work of Muershan Professional Cooperative in the first half of the year is affirmed. Under the leadership of Xinnong Company and the Party branch of Xinnong Company, the party members and cadres of Muershan should lead the members to continue to do a good job in the construction of "global organic" tea, conscientiously strengthen management and improve tea quality. The group will give key support to build an organic tea base in Muershan, create an organic tea processing plant, and build a demonstration base for the whole county, the whole province and even the whole country.

I affirm the management work of Jingxin Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative. First, it has adjusted the product structure, second, it has improved the production management system, and third, it has overcome natural disasters, so that the kiwi fruit base and Jinguo base have been better developed.

Right.The typical speech of the leader of "161" industry poverty alleviation fully affirmed that you are not only the beneficiaries of Xinnong Company's "161" poverty alleviation model, but also the practitioners of Xinnong Company's combination of "moving the workshop forward" and "resident poverty alleviation. You have formed a "trinity" assistance system with poor households. You have done a good job of increasing the income of poor households by distributing fertilizers to poor households, guiding poor households to improve their planting and management skills, increasing prices to purchase tea from poor households, and hiring poor households for employment. After poverty alleviation,You guysWe should also consider assisting the village committee to increase the collective income of the village and make your due contribution to the revitalization of the village.

To Yan Yan mentioned in the summary of excellent managersThe working concept of "heart in place, things in place" is affirmed. This is a manager mustToolsSome basic literacy, do everything from small things,"See more, learn more, move more". He also affirmed the speeches made by six outstanding managers (employees) including Wang Chuan'e, Su Chunfeng, Lin Zhengmei and Meng Xiangyan, as well as Xu Jipeng, manager of the Second Department of Internal Trade of Xinnong Tea Industry, and a series of key words mentioned in their speeches, such as "pressure changes power", "strengthening learning", "straightening mentality", "different division of labor" and "sticking to the key points, it is worth learning and understanding for each of us. We should take the company as our home and work with a positive and upward heart.

The chairman put forward specific requirements for the later work according to the current situation.

1. the current situation

Xinnong Group inIn 2017, it was rated as the "advanced private enterprise" of the national "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages" precision poverty alleviation action ". The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Office promoted Xinnong's "161" industrial poverty alleviation model as a model throughout the province. The Hubei Branch of China Construction Bank focused on Xinnong's "161" industrial poverty alleviation model, Guiding poor households to participate in the "government bank, enterprise, industrial cooperative poor households" with leading enterprises as the core and industrial development as, it was published in "Half Moon Talk", which enhanced the company's popularity and influence. The county party committee and the county government decided to build "the first county of organic tea in the country" and create a "10 billion tea industry". As a leading enterprise at the provincial level, Xinnong Company must bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities, dare to take responsibility, and use a higher political position to promote Hefeng The construction and development of the tea industry chain have rolled up their sleeves to fight poverty and build a well-off society in an all-round way.

Strategic planning in the later period of 2.

(1) Brand strategy, strive to make "Gingo" and "Muer Mountain" brand trademarks into China's well-known trademarks within two years, and strive to build Xinnong Company into a national leading enterprise, with more than 4 national brand honors (followed up by Zhou Ping).

(2) Through 3-5 years of efforts, self-built or joint organic tea base of 3-50000 mu.

(3) Through 3-5 years of efforts to create organic tea production and processing standardsStandard SpecificationPlantStandardized professional productionprocess, scale in5000 more than 30 enterprises with low pesticide residues or organic tea primary processing. Form a tea planting, processing, and trade industry chain that meets market demand, primary processing, packaging and export, and full quality monitoring.

(4) In terms of foreign exchange earning from exports, strive to reach more than US $10 million within 3-5 years, from a single tea export to multiple exports (such as fruit products of Jingxin Cooperative, etc.), and strive to enter the EU market.

(5) Strive for Yuxin's tourism reception capacity to reach more than 500 person-times per day within three years.

(6) Within three years, earnestly cultivate a team of sustainable development talents and connect with universities and scientific research institutes.

(7) Actively strive for project support, and strive to run or jointly run 2 enterprises with an output value of more than 20 million (peach blossom bean paste and organic fertilizer production) within 1-3 years.

(8) Within 3-5 years, the annual output value of the group will strive to exceed 0.3 billion yuan, reach more than 0.5 billion yuan, profit and tax will exceed 30 million yuan, and strive to reach 50 million yuan, so as to increase the wages and benefits of employees by 20%, and make our due contribution to building a 10 billion tea industry in the county.

3. enterprise management strategy

1, in order to achieve the strategic objectives of Xinnong, to promote the development of enterprises. In the course of operation, all companies and departments must adhere to efficiency as the center and set reasonable work objectives every day and every month.

2. To be ambitious, to do every job in a down-to-earth and unremitting manner, we must firmly believe in the philosophy of "hard work does not necessarily succeed, and if you do not work hard, you will not succeed", that is to say, only hard work is possible Seize the opportunity.

3, while ensuring product quality and service quality, we should learn to pursue the maximization of profits and the minimization of costs.

4. Managers should become commanders who can fight well and become resolute in character.Manager, to buildA group of employees with the spirit of craftsmen,form aHaving strong willpower, strong fighting power and strong cohesionTeam.

5. Be careful, have a sense of responsibility and courage, dare to work creatively, improve working methods, and strive for perfection.

6. All companies and departments should take a fraternityHeart, a loving heartget along; treat people with honesty and gratitude. To maintain an optimistic attitude, ideals and aspirations.

7. To build a strong team and create a corporate culture. One is to have a sense of accomplishment in work, the other is to have a sense of responsibility in life, the third is to have a sense of happiness in life, the fourth is to have a sense of spontaneity in action, and the fifth is to have a sense of goal in pursuit.

8. The 40 rough tea processing plants and large households assisted by the company should follow the example of the rough tea processing plant built by Xinnong Company in Tielu Yushan Village. In the tide of promoting structural reform on the agricultural supply side, they should build standardized modern rough tea processing plants, adjust the production scale, improve product quality, and help fight poverty and revitalize the countryside.

4. strive to be excellent leaders and managers of enterprises

This is one of the important guarantees to achieve the strategic objectives of Xinnong. For this reason, the following requirements are put forward for the company's responsible persons and managers:

1. Leaders must give support and help to employees in the process of completing their work tasks.

2, managers must let grass-roots employees clear work objectives.

3, dare to give employees the opportunity to make mistakes, but not repeatedly.

4, good at finding talents, cultivating talents, using talents.

5. As an excellent leader and manager, one should understand the principles of "giving up" and "getting.

6. Leaders should know how to authorize and control, learn to start with details, start with small things, and be a good leader and excellent manager who takes responsibility by example and dares to take responsibility.

7. Managers should be good at learning, distinguish right from wrong and have the ability to handle affairs. Be a leader and manager who abides by the law, operates in good faith, understands rules, is organized and disciplined.

Excellent enterprises need excellent managers, excellent managers are the foundation of successful enterprise development, and finally hope that every leader and manager in the real work, work together for the company's strategic goals.

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