Notice on Seriously Studying the Speech Spirit of Group Leaders at the August 2018 Work Meeting

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About Seriously Studying Group Leaders inAugust 2018

The spirit of the speech at the working meeting

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Companies, departments, cooperatives:

Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry(Group) Co., Ltd. held a working meeting on August 31. The leaders of the group made important speeches on business objectives and production safety, staff quality improvement training, team building and execution. The spirit of the speech is hereby printed and distributed to you. Please earnestly organize the study and implement it.

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Attached: Chairman in the GroupSpeech at the August 2018 working meeting

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Group leadership inSpeech at the August 2018 working meeting


Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry(Group) Co., Ltd. held a working meeting on August 31. Comrade Tan Peiju of the Administrative Office introduced the use of "DingTalk software" on the group's network office platform, Comrade Yang Min gave training on fire safety, Comrade Zhou Ping reported on the group's fixed asset investment and precise poverty alleviation work in the first eight months of this year, and Comrade Zhou Xiangyu reported on the group's production and operation in the first eight months of this year. Group leaders made an important speech. The main points of the speech are excerpted as follows:

1. adhere to the business objectives as the core, with safety production, quality improvement and other training work as the starting point, successfully completed the annual task

1. All companies and departments of the Group should further clarify their work tasks, put the work indicators in the first place, find out the gap according to their respective targets set at the beginning of the year, earnestly summarize, and ensure that the work objectives for the whole year are successfully completed.

2. Safety production (especially fire safety) should be put in the first place, and the administrative office should arrange special personnel to assist the two companies in the guidance and training of fire safety. All companies should strengthen the training of employees' professional ability and quality improvement.

2. adhere to the meeting as a link, up and down into a rope

All companies and departments are required to have six types of meetings that should be held well.

1, open a good business meeting. Adhere to the organization held once a month, inspection, supervision decompositionObjectives and tasks of each departmentofCompletion status.

2, hold a good production scheduling meeting. It is required to open one day at a time, unify thinking, coordinate contradictions, identify key points, arrange tasks, and strengthen cooperation.

3, open a good quality analysis meeting. Held by the person in charge of production, it is required to open in half a month or January to find and solve product quality problems.

4, open a good financial internal audit meeting. The meeting is presided over by the chief financial officer and requires half a month or one month to strengthen the modern enterprise management concept of financial personnel, improve the quality of business and improve the level of financial management.

5, hold a good safety meeting, fire is the focus. Xinnong Garden is held once a week and Xinnong Tea Industry is held once every half a month. The safety team leader of each company shall be responsible for the careful inspection and registration of fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and report the inspection situation in writing to the general manager.

6. Hold a report meeting on the progress of the group's project planning. The planning director is responsible for it. It is suggested to hold it once a quarter or two months to conduct in-depth research and accurately grasp the national project policy.

3. adhere to the team building as the fulcrum, strengthen the team execution

1. Promote team members to recognize and accept corporate culture and management methods.

2,Unified team concept, especially world outlook and values, only unified values are the basis of performance and the greatest cohesion of the team.

3, the goal should be both feasible and challenging, strong implementation to specific measures, to achieve clear rewards and punishments. Reward the units that have completed the target tasks well, and punish the units that have not reached the assessment target.

The above three points are ways to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. In the process of implementation,To form a system above all else, leaders take the lead, employees dare to make suggestions and suggestions, carry forward"nail spirit" rooted in the work of strong positive energy.

4. next work arrangement

1. All companies should work hard to achieve their business objectives.

2, the financial department by the chief financial officer is responsible for the scientific development of enterprises, management, fund raising and use, etc. to the company leadership.ReportReliableFinancial Statusand operating results.

3. The planning director should make reasonable arrangements for the group's development planning, project struggle, honor declaration, license handling and other work, and highlight the key points (the implementation of funds for the third phase of technological transformation 7 million project of Xinnong Tea Industry; Data preparation for Yanghe Village Rural Revitalization Project; Jingxin Cooperative Peach Blossom Soymilk Production Project Handling; Yanghe Village Land Reserve; Muershan Kangle Village tea area allocation and famous tea processing plant construction, etc.), responsible.

4. The administrative office is responsible for the group's party building, trade union, office, accurate poverty alleviation, reception, participation in relevant meetings, publicity and reporting, and safety inspection. I went to the countryside to investigate and understand the 34 supported processing plants, and reported the situation of the processing plants to the sharp knife class and the village committee of the village. If there are processing plants that do not fulfill the agreement to drive assistance, they should summarize the situation and report it to the group, and take corresponding measures to carry out education and rectification.

5. Led by the person in charge of Xinnong Tea Industry and specifically responsible for the second domestic trade department, the Enshi Selenium Fair and Changsha Fair will be held.

Finally, the person in charge of the group conveyed the key points of the speech made by Jiang Chaoliang, secretary of the provincial party committee, when he went to Enshi to investigate and inspect the poverty alleviation work. First, the Hubei Institute for the New Era should be run at the grass-roots level. Second, fully affirmThe industrial development model of "leading enterprise professional cooperatives"; third, attach importance to green development, ecological priority, ecological agriculture, and characteristic product strategy; fourth, do a good job in safe production and anti-evil work. The company requires all employees to strengthen their confidence, unite and work hard, do a good job in the last four months of this year, and continue to strive for a better tomorrow for Xinnong!

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