Selenium potato chips

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Selenium potato chips


Product Description

Enshi potatoes have the characteristics of uniform flesh color, delicate taste, sweet and soft waxy, and rich nutrition. Potato slices after drying, edible methods are diverse.

Edible method:

1, direct frying, fried golden fished out, then with salt, chili powder, sesame seasoning, crisp and delicious.

2. Stewed dried potato chips with bacon: Soak the dried potato chips in boiling water (time 15-20 minutes) and drain them in advance. Stir-fry the bacon until it is oily. Add ginger, garlic, pepper and other seasonings to stir-fry the soaked potato chips for a few minutes, then pour a little water and simmer.

Storage method: sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pressure, anti-odor preservation.

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