Xinnongyuan Restaurant takes you to experience the "old" taste on the tip of your tongue.

The traditional food excavation activity of "thinking about the old taste on the tip of the horse's tongue" is being held in full swing in various villages and towns of the horse's walking. today, xinnongyuan restaurant also invited the review team teachers to taste the "twelve bowls of the horse's walking" made by our restaurant on the spot. the dishes truly reflect the restaurant's understanding of "local culture" and "old taste" and have won unanimous praise from the review team. The teachers of the evaluation group were also full of praise for the special dishes introduced by the restaurant.

The golden wax pig head is gently broken off to separate the meat and bones. After breaking off, the meat fat is thin and put in the mouth. It is soft and waxy to moisten the mouth, and the fragrance is incomparable.

The chicken soup stewed with native chicken is original and decorated with auxiliary materials such as mushrooms, red dates and medlar. The chicken soup tastes very fresh and has a sweet feeling.

The rich aroma of millet, coupled with the collagen full of pig feet, coupled with the faint fragrance of Ge Xianmi, a bowl of porridge, give you the ultimate experience.

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