"161" industry poverty alleviation


     Xinnong Group responded to the call of the Party Committee and the government's "precise poverty alleviation and precise poverty alleviation" work, relying on its own industrial development advantages, and creatively formulated"161 "Industrial poverty alleviation model, that is, through the" company.+Processing plants, cooperatives, bases, large households, employment, e-commerce+Farmers ", coupled with financial poverty alleviation, love assistance, scientific and technological training, tea" global organic ", market expansion and promotion of tea tourism integration and development of the linkage poverty alleviation model, actively participate in the" thousands of enterprises to help thousands of villages "precision poverty alleviation action, to boost the five miles, iron stove, walking horse three villages and towns1458households,5303People increase their income and get rid of poverty, and win the overall well-off.

"Company+Processing plant+Farmers "to realize the combination of" workshop forward "and" resident poverty alleviation"

The company and the processing plant, the processing plant and the poor households have signed poverty alleviation assistance agreements at various levels, forming a "trinity" assistance system of the company, the processing plant, and the poor households, making the processing plant a help point that the company cannot move. The company has been in9key poverty-stricken villages and19A weak village in the development of the tea industry, investment509Ten thousand yuan, help built35Home production in2500More than bear the tea crude processing plant, driving poor households.635households,1420The number of poor people to increase income out of poverty.

"Company+Cooperatives+farmers ", to achieve the combination of" intensive management "and" focus on poverty alleviation"

In accordance with the principles of different villages, suitable for fruit, suitable for forest, and suitable for medicine, the intensive use of farmers' land and the intensive input of labor have found a way to develop forests, fruits, and medicines for poor people who are not suitable for tea cultivation. The precise way out of poverty. The company invested more than 500 million yuan to lead and co-operate Jingxin, Muer Mountain, Shibu, Nanmu, Banana, Hongtu, Huaqiao Suifeng, Yushan, etc.8Professional cooperatives, so that the poor people to obtain "three kinds of income", one is through the "lease."+The form of "shareholding" transfers farmers' land so that the poor can obtain land lease income; the second is to hire members to engage in field management and obtain wage income; the third is that members receive dividend income from the profits of the cooperative. Through this model to drive the poor560Household1234People increase their income and get rid of poverty.

"Company+Base+farmers ", realizing the combination of" source management "and" centralized poverty alleviation"

The main purpose is to use the role of the base to gather scattered farmers, guide farmers to work, guide farmers to do, and achieve "industrial scale and management standardization". The company has a tea garden that meets the standard of "export tea planting record base".5Ten thousand mu, built red soil, red luogou, Li bridge, Yanghe, fishing mountain, current affairs, fungus mountain and other organic tea base3Ten thousand acres. Through this model to drive the poor1022households,2348People increase their income and get rid of poverty.

                                                                                      "Company+Large households+farmers ", to achieve the combination of" business innovation "and" demonstration of poverty alleviation"

In view of the fact that some farmers have the ability to operate, but lack capital and technology, the company decided to cultivate and tap the backbone of the company and farmers, provide financial and technical support, innovate production and operation entities, and drive poor households to participate in production. an organizational model and community of interests based on family management, and purchase its products at a price higher than the market price. The company's assistance has led to six large acquisitions, three large growers and one large farmer, which has led to poor households through this model.62households,132More people have increased their income and lifted themselves out of poverty.

                                                                                      "Company+Employment+Farmers "to realize the combination of" enterprise employment "and" love poverty alleviation"

The core of this model is to extend the industrial chain, expand the scale of employment, arrange employed labor and poor labor, realize more rural labor employment at home, and allow enterprises to obtain a group of stable and reliable workers in the expansion of production scale, which not only solves the problem of enterprises developing production and employment, but also solves the difficulties of the poor in taking into account the employment of families and workers, to a certain extent, it also alleviates social problems such as empty nesters, left-behind children, and land abandonment. Recruit 770 people for employment with production workshops, hotels, assisted processing plants, cooperatives, and large households as the carrier; the per capita annual income of migrant workers is2More than ten thousand yuan, to achieve the employment of one person out of poverty, driven179Poor households to increase income out of poverty.

                                                                                      "Company+E-commerce+Farmers "to achieve the combination of" market expansion "and" smart poverty alleviation"

The core of this model is to follow"2 X"Mode (I. e. taking Enshi marketing company as the point, radiating the national and foreign e-commerce outlets or customers, taking the group's horse-walking headquarters as the point, radiating the county to drive local specialty producers such as gexian rice, peach blossom bean paste, kiwi fruit, wild pueraria powder, yanghe fried tofu, etc.), through the construction of e-commerceO2OExperience Center, using "Internet+"Carry out online and offline transactions, open up the market, directly bring the specialty products and mountain products produced by farmers to the market, and solve the dilemma that farmers have products but no income. It not only broadens the sales market, but also improves the sales volume and income of products, and truly realizes the win-win situation of agricultural enterprises. Annual sales of the company's e-commerce platform reached1000More than ten thousand yuan.

Deepening"161 Industrial poverty alleviation model, boosting rural revitalization, building a comprehensive well-off

Fulfill the social responsibility of leading enterprises, help the poor, and increase love and help. Companies have donated in recent years.140.4Ten thousand yuan, love to help poor households who are poor due to illness, study and disaster.62households. The first is that the company's senior managers and employees, party representatives, people's congress representatives, and CPPCC members take the lead in pairing with poor students; the second is to provide loving assistance to poor households who are poor due to illness, school, and disaster; the third is Help poor households with difficulties to harden the way to enter their homes; the fourth is to actively participate"9·9Donations for charity activities such as "Public Welfare Day.

Use the active science and technology training policy, increase science and technology training, and improve the ability of poor households to develop industries.2015Since the beginning of the year, through the enterprise self-financing and to strive for support funds cumulative investment.120More than ten thousand yuan, training farmers9200Many people, including indoor training courses11Period, field guidance training24Period. Mainly for tea processing, fruit planting, global organic, tea tourism integration and other aspects of professional and technical training, greatly improve the production skills and development power of farmers, radiation farmers1600multifamily, promoting4200Many people increase their income.

With the active financial poverty alleviation policy, hand in hand with banks, increase the "agricultural model" and other "inclusive financial" poverty alleviation. Under the leadership of the county party committee and county government, around the poverty alleviation model of Xinnong, guide and guarantee the processing plants, large households, cooperatives and poor households with the ability to develop industries to participate in the "bank".+Government+leading enterprises+Cooperatives+Farmers ", leading enterprises as the core, industrial development as the link" five in one ", that is, the name" agricultural model "of" inclusive economic integration "and other poverty alleviation;161 The industrial poverty alleviation model has been made into a micro film by China Construction Bank and promoted nationwide.

Increase the construction of "global organic" tea, expand the industry, and create a new model of green and organic tea. In order to realize the county party committee and county government to vigorously promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and scientifically draw the blueprint for the development of organic tea in the county, the company actively participates in the establishment of a tea "global organic" base, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry, and improves quality and efficiency. In the past three years, the company has built or converted an organic tea base.4679mu, the company will also be in3a township14Village to create organic tea28000Mu, to create a new model of green and organic tea.

Increase and broaden the market, let tea along the "the belt and road initiative", become the people rich "tea economy".

Xinnong Company took advantage of the opportunity of "the belt and road initiative" and the east wind of the county's "Tea Merchants Conference" to broaden the market and find a market for tea. One end of a piece of tea is connected with "the belt and road initiative" and the other end is connected with tea growers. The tea planted by the common people is sold to Asia, Africa and Europe along the "the belt and road initiative.

Increase the three cards of "green organic, tea tourism integration, brand culture" to promote the development of tea tourism integration. In accordance with the guiding ideology of "promoting the tea industry, breaking through the tourism industry, opening up special industries, and finally realizing the integration and development of tea tourism. Market-oriented, quality-oriented survival, service-oriented market, promote the high-quality development of the group, realize the grand plan of changing tea area into scenic spot, tea garden into park, tea mountain into Jinshan, and become the highlight of rural revitalization.

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