Xinnong Group Set up Expert Workstation

"Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Expert Workstation" was approved by Hubei Science and Technology Association.

Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It has jointly established an expert workstation with Professor Yang Ziwen, chief scientist of biopesticide discipline of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and his team. The research direction is tea green prevention and control and soil improvement.

The establishment of expert workstations has received strong support from Enshi Prefecture Science and Technology Association and Hefeng County Science and Technology Association. They have the courage to take the initiative, serve innovation to drive development, build a platform for industry-university-research cooperation, and integrate technology, talents, data and other innovative elements. Efficient and accurate docking to the grassroots and landing to enterprises contributes to the promotion of the core competitiveness of Enshi enterprises and the deep integration of technology and economic and social development.


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