The report meeting on the study and education of party history and the spirit of model workers for enterprise employees and private economic personages was held in Xinnongyuan.

On June 3, the United Front Work Department of the Hefeng County Party Committee, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Federation of Trade Unions, and the Women's Federation came to Xinnong Group to carry out the "Party History Study for Enterprise Employees and Private Economists" with the theme of "Learning Party History, Keeping the Original Heart and Striving with the Party" Education, Model Worker Spirit Preaching "report meeting.

More than 100 people from the United Front Committee of zouma Town, Tielu Township and Wuli Township, trade union leaders, non-public economic personages and new social strata, as well as some employees of Yuxin tourism and Kairong industrial company of Xinnong group participated in the activity.



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حصاد الشاي بمقاطعة هوبي الصينية

حصاد الشاي بمقاطعة هوبي الصينية

Cultivo de chá e desenvolvimento de turismo impulsionam revitalização rural do Distrito de Hefeng, no centro da China

Cultivo de chá e desenvolvimento de turismo impulsionam revitalização rural do Distrito de Hefeng, no centro da China

Model Worker Style: Enshi State Model Worker Zhou Jiran

His hard work, achievements in expanding the industry, and sincere feelings of poverty alleviation fully interpret the spirit of "patriotism, love for the country, dedication and integrity, respect for learning and kindness, and willingness to contribute", which embodies the moral character of a Communist Party member who is committed to the country and the people. it is a model in the cause of socialist construction today.

Enshi state's first "migratory bird talent festival" Hefeng fruitful results!

Build nests to attract phoenix and gather talents, and gather momentum to promote development. On August 14, Enshi Prefecture's first "Migratory Bird Talent Festival" Hefeng special event kicked off. Through special exchanges, experience sharing, etc., build a platform to attract talents and create a strong atmosphere of "respecting talents, cherishing talents, and making good use of talents. Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and Hubei Biopesticide Engineering Research Center signed a cooperation agreement on the project of "Research and Demonstration of Green Prevention and Control Technology of Hefeng Organic Tea;

Learning Power: Tea Garden in Ten Thousand Mu of Forest in Fog

On August 14, ten thousand mu of tea garden in the forest in Zhuma Town, Hefeng County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, was covered with morning mist. No matter heavy makeup or light makeup, the mystery and charm remained.