Tujia Rice

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Tujia Rice


Product Description

Tujia rice, traditional farming, grain full, natural rice fragrance, taste pure authentic. Rice is the oriental staple food, rice can provide rich vitamins, oryzanol, protein, anthocyanins and other nutrients.

Edible method:

1. Boiled rice: steamed rice is "steamed". Steamed rice saves 5% more protein and 18% more vitamin B1 than "fishing" rice.

2. Cooking porridge: For example, ginger and jujube porridge, put the rice into the pot, simply stir-fry it, then add water, stir the rice evenly with a spoon, add jujube and ginger slices, and cook slowly until the porridge is cooked, Add a little salt to eat.

Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place.

Looking to the future. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the group will promote the development of industrial integration and let more farmers deeply participate in the value chain of the agricultural industry chain. Do a good job in "character, products and enterprise products", promote the high-quality development of the tea industry, realize "one leaf makes one industry, one rich side of the people", consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and promote the revitalization of the countryside.

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