Xinnong Tea Industry Selected as National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization

According to the Measures for the Administration of the Identification and Operation Monitoring of Key National Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization (Agricultural Economic Development [2018]) 〕No. 1) stipulates that dynamic management shall be carried out for key national leading enterprises, and monitoring and evaluation shall be carried out every two years, so as to ensure that there are imports and exports, and equal compensation.12 of 2018Month 11Day,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,National Development and Reform Commission,Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Commerce,People's Bank of China,State Administration of Taxation,China Securities Regulatory Commission,All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing CooperativesJoint notice148 Enterprises as National Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural IndustrializationThe list of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization was supplemented. Xinnong Company was successfully selected, the only one in the state and 6 enterprises in the province were selected.

 Xinnong Tea, Hefeng, Hubei ProvinceIndustryCo., Ltd. was established in 1985. For more than 30 years, it has established an enterprise with tea, adhering to the principle"Xingye in a corner,rich peopleThe purpose of "one party" is committed to the integrated development of tea industry and eco-tourism industry, focusing on the basic orientation of characteristics, clustering and extrovertization, and skillfully playing green organic, tea tourism integration and brand culture."Three cards", the formation of tea production, eco-tourism,leisure health inintegrated industrial cluster,Create "export tea planting record base""50000 acres and"Organic tea" base 30000 acres. Explore the implementation of "company processing plants, cooperatives, bases, large households, e-commerce, employed farmers", plus financial poverty alleviation, love poverty alleviation, scientific and technological training, tea "global organic" and market expansion.The "161+The industrial poverty alleviation model has been recognized by the country, province, state and county at all levels and has been replicated and promoted.


Attached are eight ministerial documents:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance Ministry of Commerce People's Bank of China State Administration of TaxationChina Securities Regulatory Commission All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives

About RecurrenceNotice of 148 Enterprises as National Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and cities under separate state planning. Agriculture (agriculture and rural areas, agriculture and animal husbandry, rural economy) departments (bureaus, commissions, offices), development and reform commissions, finance departments (bureaus), commercial authorities, supply and marketing cooperatives, Shanghai headquarters, branches, business management departments, and urban central branches of provincial capitals (capitals) of the People's Bank of China, the tax bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and municipalities separately listed on the State Administration of Taxation, and all agencies dispatched by the CSRC:

According to the "agricultural industrialization of national key leading enterprises identification and operation monitoring management approach" (agricultural economic development [2018] No. 1), the implementation of dynamic management of national key leading enterprises, monitoring and evaluation every two years, so that there are in and out, equal amount of replenishment. In 2018, the eight departments of the National Agricultural Industrialization Joint Conference jointly carried out the eighth national key leading enterprise monitoring work. All provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps strictly regulated, fairly and impartially recommended supplementary enterprises according to requirements. Review, joint meeting review and media publicity, decided to supplement 148 enterprises including Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. as national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization.

It is hoped that the national key leading enterprises that will be replenished will seize the major opportunities for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, give full play to the advantages of close ties with agriculture and farmers, strengthen the construction of raw material bases, accelerate technological and institutional innovation, innovate and link mechanisms with farmers' interests, continue to develop and grow, and strengthen Radiation drives better serviceBetter serviceThe implementation of the strategy of "three rural areas" and rural revitalization.

All regions and relevant departments should focus on the new task of rural industrial revitalization, further increase support for leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, and more accurately and effectively support leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger by giving treatment, strong reputation, and opportunities., To become a leader in the revitalization of rural industries, activate new momentum for rural industrial development, and make new contributions to the realization of rural revitalization and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way.

Annex: List of newly supplemented national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization (148 in total)

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

National Development and Reform Commission

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Commerce

State Administration of Taxation

China Securities Regulatory Commission

All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives



December 11, 2018




List of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization



Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

North Agricultural University Technology Co., Ltd.

beijing jinxing duck industry co ltd

Beijing Lianchuang Seed Co., Ltd.

Hebei Qimei Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Bamalon Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Hebei Lvling Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Jiuniu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Fenxi Hongchang Breeding Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Jinrun Meat Food Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Mubiao Cattle Industry Co., Ltd.

Luliang Yeshillside Food Co., Ltd.

Huairen County Golden Beach Lamb Meat Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Mountain Sunshine Food Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Jinxing Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Jinshayuan Ecological Group Co., Ltd.

Xilin Gol League Erdun Food Co., Ltd.

Hulunbuir Northeast Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Wanguyuan Rice Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Jiaxin Meat Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Alei Food Co., Ltd

Shenyang Guanzhuo Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Dalian Sincerely Canned Food Co., Ltd

Dalian Xinyulong Marine Biological Seed Technology Co., Ltd.

Dalian Heyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Fuxin small northeast food co., LTD

Tieling Jiuxing Food Group Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Province Grain Development Group Co., Ltd

Changchun Borui Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd.

Jilin Jingqi God Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Changchun Zhu Lao Liu Food Co., Ltd.

Changbai Mountain Huangfeng Shenye Co., Ltd.

Tonghua Kangyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dongfang Group Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co., Ltd

Heilongjiang Qiuran Rice Industry Co., Ltd.

Yihai Kerry (Harbin) Grain, Oil and Food Industry Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Meitai Fu Food Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Hengyang Cattle Industry Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Lvfeng Ecological Nour Industry Co., Ltd.

Muling Kaifei Food Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Hengyuan Food Co., Ltd.

Daqing Xinqing Ji Meat Industry Co., Ltd.

Yichun Zhongzhi Dashanwang Wine Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Wengfu Renhe Rice Industry Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Nongken Longwang Food Co., Ltd.

Zhongyin Barbie Foods Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Agricultural Products Center Wholesale Market Management Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Oufu Egg Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Fenghua Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Junlebao Dairy Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongyi Food Group Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Jiafeng Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Fruit Food Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Sanhe Simei Pickles Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Xingye Food Co., Ltd

Lianyungang Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Yike Food Group Co., Ltd

Xianfeng Fruit Co., Ltd.


ningbo today food co ltd

Yongjia Yuan Ye Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tengqiao Food Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lanmei Technology Co., Ltd.

Changshan County Aijia Fruit and Vegetable Development Co., Ltd.

Anhui Hengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd

Anhui Yuanhetang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Anhui Shunan Agricultural Products Sales Co., Ltd.

Xie Yuda Tea Co., Ltd.

Three Squirrels Co., Ltd.

Hefei Zhougudui Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.

Fujian Pinpin Fragrant Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Richun Joint Stock Company

Fujian Yuehai Aquatic Food Co., Ltd.

A Yibo Food Co., Ltd.

Damin Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Fang Jiafuzi (Putian)green food co ltd

Jiangxi Yang Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Tianyu Oil Co., Ltd.


Jiangxi Jiangtian Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Haofeng (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong Yuanhao Flour Co., Ltd.

Shandong Hemisphere Flour Co., Ltd

Shandong Xinhe Sheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jinsheng Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co., Ltd

Henan Jiujiu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Province Yuliang Grain Group Co., Ltd.

Sanmenxia Erxianpo Green Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.

Henan Jindouzi Vegetable Food Co., Ltd.

Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Zhoukou Xuerong Flour Co., Ltd

miss food co ltd

Henan Kanglong Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Qianji Food Co., Ltd.

Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Co., Ltd.

Xiangyang Lefeng Grain and Oil Co., Ltd.

Hubei Hanjia Liu's Tea Co., Ltd.

Honghu Hongye Aquatic Food Co., Ltd

Hubei ShuangLuShuang Food Co., Ltd.

Juwei Food Co., Ltd.

Sanwang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hunan jiao shan rice co., LTD

Hunan Shanrun Camellia Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Hunan Changkang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hunan Huale Food Co., Ltd

Xiangcun High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinrongmao Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

Guangdong One Food Co., Ltd.

guangdong overlord flower food co ltd

Guangdong Shunxin Marine Fishery Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Huihai Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Technology Group Co., Ltd

Guangdong Zhenmei Food Co., Ltd

Guangxi Guilin Guiliu Poultry Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Guihe Group Co., Ltd.

Guigang Donghai Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Guangxi Lingshan Yufeng Health Food Co., Ltd.

Hainan Taste King Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Lingao Haifeng Aquaculture Development Co., Ltd.

Hainan Chuanwei Wenchang Chicken Industry Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Liujiu Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Longwang Food Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Sanwang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Xinxing Cereals and Oils Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Haoyummy Food Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Jinjiang Fuyuan Food Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Milaotou Food Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Juxing Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Micangshan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Ningnan County South Silk Road Group Company

Guizhou Fanjingshan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Huangshi Laisier Dairy Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Tengyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Dianxue Grain and Oil Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Tonghai Cashmere Co., Ltd.

Gansu Qingheyuan Halal Food Co., Ltd.

Gansu Jingmao Ecological Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Wolfberry Industry Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Wanqi Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd.

Yili Guantong Biological Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Tianyun Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Huaxing Investment Group Co., Ltd

Xinjiang Tianlai Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Dawn Pepper Industry Co., Ltd.

Turpan Loulan Winery Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Hongqipo Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Qianhai Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Western Yinli Cotton Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

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