Notice on the appointment and removal of Zhou Xiangyu and other comrades


Administrative Office of the Board of Directors




Dong Manwen2018No. 1


Notice on the appointment and removal of Zhou Xiangyu and other comrades



The Board of Directors has studied and decided that:

Comrade Zhou Xiangyu as Chief Financial Officer

Week Comrade Ping as Planning Director

Comrade Fu Jiasheng as Director of the Administrative Office

Comrade Tian Yumiao was appointed Deputy Director of the Administrative Office

Comrade Zhao Pingcai was appointed Deputy Director of the Administrative Office

The above personnel shall be removed from their original posts on their own, and the term of office shall be implemented from the date of announcement.

hereby notify


Annex: Job Responsibilities



February 9, 2018


Board Office                             February 9, 2018Issued daily





Job responsibilities

1. Finance Director

1, cultivate and build loyal to the company, integrity and law-abiding, high efficiency of financial,

Asset management team;

2, responsible for the company's financial management, guide the company's accounting in accordance with the law, in accordance with the regulations to deal with all kinds of accounts, and do a good job of cost accounting management in the course of operation. Review and check the financial work of the company every month, and report the review to the board of directors;

3, responsible for the company and various departments of the financial implementation of effective supervision;

4. Supervise and manage the declaration, implementation, acceptance and financial accounts of various projects in accordance with laws and regulations, and establish complete archives by classification;

5. Supervise and manage the financial work of Jingxin Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative and Auricularia Mountain Tea Professional Cooperative led by the company;

6, on behalf of the company to check and review the reported data and statements; And do a good job in the contact and reception of counterpart departments;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the board of directors.

2. Planning Director

1, responsible for the development of the company's overall development objectives planning, and reported to the board of directors;

2, according to the needs of the company's development, according to law and regulations to declare the project and implement and do a good job in the project trace management and file binding work;

3, responsible for the company's various qualifications, honor declaration and the annual review and management of the existing qualifications;

4, responsible for the "161" precision poverty alleviation work in the "science and technology training" and tea

LeafDeclaration, implementation, filing and management of projects such as "global organic" base construction in accordance with laws and regulations;

5. Responsible for the management of the company seal;

6, responsible for handling the project and business related to all kinds of reception, reporting and other work;

7, responsible for the completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Director, Office of 3. Administration

1, responsible for presiding over the daily work of the administrative office;

2, responsible for internal department coordination, upload and release; To undertake the group's participation and information release, etc;

3. Responsible for the group's tea culture research, tourism culture, hotel culture construction and promotion work;

4. Supervise Xinnong Bulletin and Xinnong Website;

5, supervise the collection of Xinnong memorabilia, and organize the archive;

6. Supervise and sort out the daily operation of Xinnong Tea Industry and Yuxin Tourism and report them (daily and monthly);

7, cooperate with the company to improve the quality of staff training work;

8. Supervise the reception service of external, internal and related meetings;

9. Cooperate with the Ministry of Social Affairs to do a good job of precise poverty alleviation;

10. Supervise the construction of groups;

12. Supervise the collection, sorting and filing of all kinds of data, and collect classified archives of various companies and departments;

13. Supervise all departments to do a good job and implement the training of safety production and related business knowledge to prevent the occurrence of various hidden dangers.

14. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Deputy Director, 4. Administrative Office (Tian Yumiao)

1. Be responsible for the image building work on behalf of the company and various departments, manage the chairman's model worker's studio, and do a good job in the construction and opening of the exhibition hall of the party building and the youth home;

2. Responsible for women's work in the company;

3, responsible for tea art, etiquette training and display (competition and performance) work;

4, on behalf of the board of directors to do a variety of reception and other work;

5, responsible for the superior relevant documents, meeting notice and the company's relevant reporting materials in a timely manner to the chairman;

6. Cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in photography and archive pictures, videos and other image materials;

7, perform the duties of the director of Jingxin professional cooperative;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Deputy Director of 5. Administration Office (Zhao Pingcai)

1. Responsible for the daily work of the chairman;

2. Responsible for the management and maintenance of public vehicles in all departments of the company;

3. The administrative office shall declare the fuel consumption audit of the car on business trips;

4. Responsible for the reception and gift arrangement required by the board of directors. Assist Yuxin Travel Company in the procurement of related physical objects;

5, responsible for reception, conference services, office daily affairs arrangement and coordination work;

6, responsible for the supervision of the company's fixed assets maintenance and maintenance work;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

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