"Chu Tianqi Pillar"-General Rock

Legend of General Rock
General Rock is a strange stone on the top of the cliff at the southern end of Bijia Mountain in Guancang Village, Zhuma Town. It is about 5 meters high and weighs about 30 tons. It is large and small. It stands on the gravel in the shape of an inverted four-sided platform. It is slightly inclined like a pizza leaning tower. It seems to be crumbling, but in fact it is as stable as Mount Tai. His cause and state of existence cannot be explained by geographical knowledge, and the common people can only explain it by "living dragons and veins.
The adventure and mystery of General Rock make people revere it, regard it as a god, and tell a beautiful myth from ancient times to the present.
Legend has it that long, long ago, there lived two immortals in the fairy cave on the pen rack. They were responsible for managing the soil and water on one side and protecting the peace of the people. Because of the protection of the immortals, the weather in the horse-walking area was good every year and the people's families were in good health. The two immortals were very happy to see the beautiful scenery in the world. They were very happy and idle.
Emperor Yan, with a young and handsome pharmacist, set out from Tiantai Mountain in Shaanxi Province and went south to Wuling Mountain to collect medicine. Emperor Yan settled in Shennongjia and dispatched pharmacists to continue down to Wuling.
The pharmacist came to the foot of the pen rack mountain and saw that the mountains were beautiful, the medicinal materials were rich, the paddy fields were like flat mirrors, the Ge Xianmi was in pieces, the folk customs were simple and the neighbors were friendly, so he lingered and settled here. He went up the mountain every day to collect medicine for the local people to heal their wounds and diseases, and worked enthusiastically for everyone, which was deeply liked by the villagers. Soon, he became in love with a beautiful girl at the foot of the mountain and became husband and wife. After marriage, he still went to the mountain to collect medicine and practiced medicine everywhere. The affectionate and virtuous wife was farming at home and was close to the villagers. The young couple had a very sweet life. Soon, they gave birth to a fat boy, and the family of three was even more enjoyable.
One day, the pharmacist went up the mountain to collect medicine and went to the top of the mountain. He saw two old men with white beard playing chess. He was very curious to stand on a stone beside him to watch the battle. When a game of chess was finished, the two immortals found themselves seen by ordinary people and had no choice but to invite him to sit down and talk. During the conversation, the immortal felt that the young man was not only kind-hearted, but also immortal. The pharmacist readily agreed, so the immortal taught him the Tao and let him become an immortal. He gave him the important task of caring for this peace, turning his body into a stone pillar, standing on the cliff and giving it the name General Rock. This is the General Rock we see today.
When the pharmacist's wife found her husband missing, she carried her children everywhere to look for her husband. The mother and son called everywhere every day and searched everywhere. The pharmacist was also very fond of his wife and son, and could not bear to see his wife and child so sad. She begged the immortals to connect them to the celestial world. The immortals were merciful and let the pharmacist family reunite in the celestial world, this is the mother's back we saw today.
The pharmacist family lived a fairy life, but still did not forget the villagers, so they gave the villagers a dream: if they had any pain, difficulties or good wishes, as long as they burned incense and paper at the general rock and bowed down sincerely, they would turn bad luck into good fortune and achieve what they wanted. And confessed that if you want to take ill-gotten gains, it is useless to ask him. Since then, the local people have gradually formed the custom of praying for blessings and vows. Every time they can respond to their wishes, after their wishes are fulfilled, the praying people will go up the mountain to hang red, set off firecrackers, donate merit money, and express their gratitude. In order to thank the generals for their kindness, the local people have also built a small temple on the "Huixian Ding" beside the generals. As a place to pray for a long time, the local people have many names such as "General Bodhisattva", "General Doctor", "General Grandpa" and so on, which have been handed down to this day, and gradually formed a unique folk culture of worshipping stones and praying for blessings.
At the same time, General Yan also told the villagers in his dream that whoever lacked tools for the wedding would go to the big hole next to Niang's back to burn incense and paper, explaining the things and quantity to be borrowed. The next morning, he could get all the tables, chairs, benches and gold cups and silver cups at the hole. He specifically instructed: "It is not difficult to borrow if you have to repay it". Later, one family borrowed something and returned a gold cup less. Since then, it has been impossible to borrow anything in the big hole. The story of borrowing things in the big hole has been passed down from generation to generation. Until now, the old people are still using this story to educate future generations to be honest ".

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