First lesson of the new year: Xinnong Group organizes safety production training

In order to further implement the main responsibility of production safety, Xinnong Group has effectively improved the safety production awareness and management level of the main persons in charge and safety management personnel of the group's operating entities, prevented and reduced the occurrence of various accidents, and ensured the safety production of each company.From February 9 to 10, 2022, Xinnong Group organized a two-day safety production training. A total of 100 people from all companies, departments, processing plants, major industries and Muer Mountain professional cooperatives participated in the training.

Under the guidance of the office of the county and town emergency management bureau and the county tea industry development promotion center, Fu Jiasheng, leader of the group's production safety leading group, and ran Tao, chief agronomist of the county tea industry development promotion center, combined with the current production safety situation and relevant policies on production safety, to guide and train the new "production safety law" and "agricultural product quality and safety.

The training effectively allows the main persons in charge and safety management personnel of each business entity to clarify the current and future work priorities of safety production, master the methods of safety production work in the new era, focus on improving the safety management level of each business entity, and promote the continuous stability of safety production. It has played a positive role in implementing the main responsibilities of each business entity and strictly preventing various accidents.



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