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Red Army Tree

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Red Army Tree

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Red Army Tree. In 1929, 1930 and 1931, the great general of the Red Army, He Long stopped here and several historic meetings were held under the maidenhair tree, earning tit the name of Red Army Tree. Till now, the “Red Army Tree” is still with luxuriant foliage and stands proud, symbolizing a period of war.

  Luogu Mountain 32 Martyrs Monument, is located in Luogu Mountain, Gangjiawan, Zouma town. On September 9, 1931, a group of enemy soldiers were stationed in Nanbei town. The next day, the Red Army fought against the soldiers but was outnumbered and had to retreat. In the end, 32 Red Army soldiers, who were trapped in Luogu Mountain, jumped down from a cliff and died a glorious death. In September 2006, the government built a monument to honor these soldiers.

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