Dongjia Village, located in Yanzi Township, Hefeng County, Hubei Province, is 42km away from the county seat, with an average altitude of more than 1400 meters. Dongjiahe is named after Dongjia Village. It originated from Niuzhuang, Wufeng County, Yichang City. It passes through the Toad Well Reservoir and belongs to the Taohuashan Hydropower Station. It has entered the ambush flow several times and is more than 20 kilometers long. On both sides of the strait, there are landscapes such as "Three Lions Catch Elephants", "Nine Turtles Seeking Mother", mountain waterfalls, pastoral cottages, karst cave wonders, ancient and famous trees and temple ruins, and wind and rain bridges. The forest vegetation around the mountain and the village after the rain, misty rain, people linger.
Dongjia village field is flat, traffic fiber stranger; Tujia folk houses have distinctive characteristics, simple folk customs, children and old people echo, chickens and dogs hear each other. Gu Cai, a poet of Qing Dynasty, praised this area as "ancient peach land" in "Rongmei Ji You". Dongjiahe is like a demure young woman, dragging a long green dress, gracefully through the village, walking along.
Dongjiahe river water is clear to the bottom, in the warm sunshine, riverside high up the stilted floor, there are Tujia sister with the railing embroidery pa hum small song; small "pea horn", there are Tujia man whispering about the story of the white tiger, the mountains have endless mountain folk songs in the singing ...... Leisurely clouds in the blue sky, beautiful pictures of flowers and flowers in the bank and the water, I can't tell if the clouds are floating in the water or the water is flowing in the clouds. The Tujia Wind and Rain Bridge across the river looks like a rainbow lying on the waves from afar. The old trees planted deep in the water in twos and threes, with new green branches, are clearly bonsai planted in the water, like turtles, like dinosaurs, like beauties dressing in the mirror, with different postures from different angles. You can think of them as you like. This place is a "stage" for spreading your imagination ". There are trees in the water, and the unique landscape of water in the trees is the charm of Dongjiahe.
Hefeng has precipitated the Tusi culture for thousands of years, the Tujia culture that has been passed down for hundreds of years, the high-pitched and clear "wear the number", the weeping "wedding song", the mysterious and weird "Nuo Wish Opera", the rough and bright "full hall sound", and many native folk arts constitute Hefeng's unique cultural landscape. This is also the Dongjia River Qingqing River can have a long history of connotation.

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